So what’s new?

IMG_2199Another day of craziness here.

I skipped Bible Study today, because I really need to help Hubby, aka Mr. Porter to you. 😉

Upcoming trip to Boston, I need to wash my clothes and pack. Still working on that.

We spoke to the Real Estate Lady, we will be looking at apts. Done.

Meanwhile, we had to rent a car. Done.

Update resume. Still working on that.

Buy 2 books for upcoming Birthdays. Done.

Sewed son’s pants. Done.

Contact son to meet up to give him said pants. In process.

Walk the dog. Hmm maybe that’s why he’s making all that racket. Not done yet.

Shower. Oops. Not done yet.

Email other business person about that other thing. Not done yet.

Eat lunch. Not done yet.

Re-read “friend’s” draft of first 3 chapters. Not done yet. Read once. Made no sense to me.

Have a nice day everyone!

Comments, questions, concerns, queries, quips?

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