A trip to the grocery store

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Last night, Hubby and I went out to buy some groceries. Just a normal evening….

I was telling him about my friend Jane* who is trying to sell her house. During one of the showings, someone left dog poop on the top step, upstairs in the house. How bizarre. I had never heard of such a thing.  Jane’s Mom told her it is an old superstition: If you steal something from someone’s house, and then leave poop behind, you won’t get caught stealing!

So far, Jane has not noticed anything missing. But we did put this issue on the prayer list!

I was telling Hubby the story as we walked into the grocery store. I said, “God is greater than any superstition.” Then I noticed a lady standing off to the side in the aisle, and I thought…hmm, maybe she needed to hear that for some reason.

Then, off we trot to the fruit and vegetable section. We pick up the stuff on sale, raspberries, broccoli, bananas, apples. I spotted a Lemon Meringue pie for $2.99, figured it was a good deal and threw it into the basket. (Hmm, no wonder my jeans don’t fit anymore…)

As we went to the frozen section, I picked up my new favorite: Frozen eggplant, already peeled, and chopped, all I have to do is cook it. Then I notice, it’s $2.49. Gee, that’s a lot, I think to myself. Then it hits me (like DUH) — Why do I think it’s too much to pay for vegetables, but junk food is a “good deal”?

I noticed that I think 4 bucks for a box of cookies is a bargain, but 4 bucks for 2 pounds of apples is expensive? Exactly what kind of twisted logic is my brain using?!

This was a good slap in the face. Why do I think it’s an extravagance to buy healthy fruit and veggies? I really need to renew my mind seriously on this issue.

So we finally get to the checkout. There was a box of stuff on the edge of the counter, just before the conveyor belt. It looked like a bunch of stuff that needed to be re-shelved: Shampoo,  yogurt, stuff just thrown in there. We said aloud a few times, “What is this box of stuff?” The people in line ahead of us ignored us. So we ignored the box of stuff and put our groceries on the belt.

The folks ahead of us had a few coupons, and one got rejected. The cashier said, “Did you buy six of these yogurts? I only have one on the register.”

The woman said, “Oh yes, we have six.”

Her hubby then looks and notices the lone box. “You missed a whole box of our stuff! That’s where the yogurts are. You missed the whole box” He yelled at the cashier. The cashier bit her tongue and ran the rest of the groceries.

After they left, and it was my turn to go up to the cashier, I told her, “That was not your fault. They should have made sure their stuff went through.” The cashier seemed relieved.

She said, “I try not to take it personal. It’s really hard working with the public. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff. This lady before was here 20 minutes, questioning every time on sale, to make sure she got the sale price. I understand she’s on a budget, but every single item?”

The cashier seemed relieved to have someone to listen. I told her, “I don’t know how you do this job, I give you a lot of credit.”

She said, “You do what you gotta do.”


And I what I gotta do fix my brain logic……..eggplant is a bargain, eggplant is a bargain.

* Jane is not her real name. But you should know that by now. 😉

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