My son got his license today

Josh BabyDon’t panic! That’s not a recent picture!  Ha!

My son passed his driver’s license test today. So last week, he got a job, this week he got the license. We are on a “streak”. 🙂

I do have a pic somewhere that I took when he was 3 years old, behind the driver’s wheel of my car…but of course I can’t locate it.

This “downsizing” of the household items, to get ready for the move, is definitely messing up my Blogging Quality!

Anyway, I let him take the Honda, and I followed behind him in the Toyota, to make sure he got to his apartment ok. He missed a turn. I tried to get his attention by blowing the horn (we had decided that ahead of time) but he didn’t hear it and drove off on another exit off the Freeway.

I, of course, panicked. I tried to call, but I knew his cell phone  battery was on the fritz and he didn’t pick up. I went into deeper panic.

So back to Trusting God, 101. I can’t do a thing. My “baby” is somewhere and I don’t know where. I don’t know how to find him, he may or may not be able to call me. He may have gotten in an accident. He might be crashed up. Oh, the mind plays tricks when you let FEAR take over.

Deep breath. Ok, God, you are in control. I can’t do this. You can. Please tell me what to do. Another Deep Breath.

I drove back the way we came, planning on turning around and follow his “wrong” turn. Then I missed a turn. Try to relax, try to take a deep breath… God is in control not me…

I came to a traffic light and stopped. My phone rang. I grabbed it and yelled, “Are you all right???!” My son responded, “Yes, I’m home.”

“Everything’s all right?”

“Yeah, I just couldn’t make the turn because of a truck, and I made the next turn, and I got home ok.”

“Ok, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

So, relief. Then a little embarrassment. My son does have his own brain, you know. And God watches over him, too.  Yes, I tend to be a Hover-Mom, I’m not happy about it, but that’s the truth.

So my son will drive himself to and from work today…and let’s face it moms and dads, isn’t that the goal?!

So I am thankful for the job, the license, and the safety of my son.

Now if it would stop raining…..!!!


5 thoughts on “My son got his license today

  1. It is hard to hold back the parenting instinct, especially for mothers! But if we do not let go, they will not learn how to be strong on their own. I am not scolding, just encouraging. I bet your son will make you proud of his independance very soon. Peace be unto you.


  2. Yes…..I do that too. Then I try to remind myself that when I was his age, I got around without any trouble even though it was back in the day of no cell phones, no GPS and I didn’t even drive a car until I was 30 years old……


    1. yes, remember MAPS?!! and no cell phones, we had to either have a dime for a pay phone, or hope we found a friendly “neighbor” to borrow their phone if we broke down. Of course, many things could be fixed with a coat hanger and a screwdriver, so we could usually limp the car home!


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