Bailey’s Saratoga Battlefield Adventure

IMG_2753Bailey had a big day today walking the trails at the Battlefield park. Here he is next to one of the cannons used during the Battle of Saratoga in 1777.

When we first started out this morning, we really had a tough time coaxing Bailey to get into the car. I guess he was afraid we were taking him to the vet. But once we got to the Battlefield park, he had a great time sniffing all the new smells.

The scenery is beautiful there too! Bailey had fun playing in the tall grass.



As usual, several people stopped along the trails to admire Bailey and tell us how beautiful he is. It’s like spending the day with Bono; Bailey is a rock star. Here (above right pic) he poses for his admirers.IMG_2676The hills and valleys and trees and wildflowers~!


Hudson River view.

IMG_2717I love the yellow wildflowers.


After we finished hiking the trails, Bailey took a well-deserved rest.


On the drive home, my husband shot a deer! (WITH THE CAMERA!)




I hope all my American friends had a nice Labor Day!

For more on the Saratoga Battle field, read here.

Tomorrow, I hope to continue my series of Dating Disasters!


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