Is that somebody that I used to know? Thoughts from my High School Reunion

Who is that guy over there? Was he in our class, or is it somebody’s spouse? He looks vaguely familiar, let me think….

Last Saturday night I attended my 35th High School Reunion. It was my first! I never went to a reunion before. I had moved out of the area, worked, met other people and didn’t think too much about the old crowd.

Since Facebook was invented, people have been able to find some of the folks that they grew up with. Or went to college with. Or dated.

Over the past 2 years, I have been re-connected with folks that I have not thought about in decades.

When I was invited to the High School reunion, I really had no intention of going. But several of my “friends” on Facebook bugged me. So I decided, what the heck, why not.

Oh. But there is that matter of being a few pounds heavier than I was in high school. Oh yeah, that could be a problem. Flashbacks to junior high, and being teased about my weight made my stomach flutter. I can hear the cruel chanting, the names. I want to hide.

The cliques. Oh, I was in with some popular girls for a while, until one lied about me and got everyone to hate me, and they never got over it.

Wait a minute, I thought to myself. You’re 50-something years old. You’ve survived cancer, divorce, surgeries, childbirth, layoffs, money struggles. You’re not a victim. You are a survivor.

I know that my situation is not the norm, but I found this group of folks to be genuinely mature. Well, mature in the way that we all accepted one another, just as we are. Not grown up in the good things: Sense of humor, love of fun.

I looked around the room. Should I know that person? Or is it someone’s spouse? I guessed wrong a few times. I took pictures of people and I still have no idea who they are.

And we laughed. We laughed at what we remembered, and what we didn’t remember. We laughed at what we did, and what we didn’t do. We laughed at teachers, and remembered teachers fondly.

So 35 years later, I discovered that I do belong. And I always did.

Life changes over the course of several decades. People get wrinkles, gain weight, lose their best friend, argue with children. It changes us. It forces us to mature.

But may it never force us to grow up!

7 thoughts on “Is that somebody that I used to know? Thoughts from my High School Reunion

      1. I’m doing a good bit better, Sue Ann. Worship on Sunday marked a positive turning point. Also, I’ve been in training for a part-time position as a Volunteer Resource Manager and I’m feeling eager to serve.

        Thanks for asking.


  1. I went to my 10 yr…skipped 20 because 10 was awful! I was so disappointed. Every acted exactly the same way they did in high school. The “popular” kids sat together, the “geeks” sat together, the “jocks”…well, you get the picture. I wasn’t really part of any particular crowd. I had friends, but I was never (and still not) part of any particular group. I think it is a close minded world we live in when we still see ourselves as “us” or “them”. What happens when you aren’t either one?
    Anyway, I did get talked into my 30th which was a couple of years ago and I was pleasantly surprised. There were some who had not been at the 10 and they actually sought me out and was glad to see me~ WOW! I was very reluctant to go because of my weight…etc. But I wasn’t the only one! I was glad to know some had matured quite nicely 🙂
    Thanks for sharing~


    1. Hi Courtney, yes I avoided the 10 and 20 year figuring like you did—they were all the same! But by 35 years, life has smacked EVERYONE several times, and the cool kids are not so cool anymore.
      Thanks for visiting.


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