Five years after breast cancer

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I remember the day the doctor’s office called me and said, “Can you come in today?”  I knew she was not inviting me for tea and crumpets; I knew what that call meant.

I was fortunate; the cancer was found early by a mammogram. It was called “stage 0” cancer. I had surgery to remove the lump, and then radiation. I was 47 years old.

While lying on the table receiving my radiation treatment, I thought back to how my father had cancer when he was 47–and passed away. I knew that I was going to live–what really consumed my thoughts  was that I was fighting for custody of my son.

I didn’t let my ex or his lawyer know that I had cancer, as I am sure they would have used it as a weapon against me. I went back and forth to the courtroom, talked to the lawyers, the waited by the phone– but I never let on that I had cancer.

By the end of the summer, I had finished the radiation treatments.

I also won the custody battle: my son came back to live with me.

I’ve just passed the magic number–five years after having breast cancer, I am still cancer-free.

Please remember to get your mammogram!

10 thoughts on “Five years after breast cancer

      1. It is a 26.2 mile marathon around London at night wearing a decorated bra. The charity is called Walkthewalk and all the money goes to breast cancer charities. I’ve done two now. 🙂


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