Local house trashed by teens – No Fair!

party-pic-aI live in Upstate New York, not very far from the house that has made international headlines. Former NFLer Brian Holloway’s home was recently trashed by teenagers. A huge party took place in his house: teenage drinking and drug use ensued. It’s estimated over 300 high school and college students were there.

There are several items about this story which are disturbing:

1.  The teens at the party were ‘tweeting’ messages and pictures of each other in various states of intoxication. They were bragging. No remorse.

1a. In fact, Holloway’s son was receiving tweets in real-time as the party progressed.

2.  The teens trashed this man’s house, urinating on carpets, scraping wood floors with kegs of beer, spray painting graffiti on the walls. No respect for other people’s property.

3.  Several party-goers were identified by their own pictures that they posted to Twitter and Facebook. BUT their parents are upset because their names were listed publicly! The parents want to cover up their children’s involvement in this chaos. No accountability.

What happens to a society when the line between right and wrong doesn’t exist?

Exactly. Parties like this. And worse.

This is certainly not fair to the owner of the house, that his house was broken into, trashed, and items were stolen.

Several surprisingly good things came out of this affair:

1. A group of local teens (who were not at the party) volunteered to come to the house and help clean up. Bravo!

2. While most of us would want these kids’ heads on platters, Brian Holloway is more concerned with getting these kids back on the straight and narrow path, so that they have a good future. What?!

Holloway is the hero in all of this. He has seen too many kids die from drugs and alcohol and wants to help these kids get their lives in order.

He is inviting these kids to come back to the house, and clean up the property for a picnic that he is hosting for military personnel.

Wow. I don’t think that would be my response if it had been my house.

I nominate Brian Holloway for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year!

************ Update September 20, 2013

From the No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Chronicles:

Parents of these kids are suing Brian Holloway for posting the kids’ names and pictures on his website HelpSave300.com. Now these are pics that the kids themselves tweeted and facebooked. The kids made the pictures public.

Holloway has not pressed charges against any of the party-goers. He just wants them to get their lives back on track.

Holloway invited parents and their kids to come and help him clean up. One parent responded.


This is NO FAIR!!!!!

I would track down the parents of every kid involved (with help from law enforcement) and make the parents PAY.  I would then make them take Parenting Classes!

I would also like to see the students involved perform community service such as cleaning up litter and painting over graffiti. They should also take classes in the Law, taught right and wrong and forced to memorize the Golden Rule.




9 thoughts on “Local house trashed by teens – No Fair!

  1. Totally agree with every word. It seems parents reactions these days is to defend their children no matter what they do, hence the children learn no lessons in life and continue down the road to ruin. We have recently had some vandalism of some beautiful sculptures in the city and, although some of the culprits were caught and fined, they were not named or their photos published. I felt a more public punishment was in order, so that the people whose enjoyment had been spoilt could make their feelings known. Thank heavens my boys know right from wrong 🙂


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