Update on “my” breast cancer

imagesCAVYRT2SI should not use the word “my” in front of breast cancer. It’s not my possession, I don’t want to own it. It is an enemy who has invaded my body. It has no right to be there. It’s an outsider, an intruder.

A Facebook “friend” of mine sent me two books which detail natural alternatives to combat cancer. An important fact that leapt from the pages of both books is the discovery of Vitamin B17, which is found in apple seeds, and apricot seeds. So the old cliché an apple a day keeps the doctor away really has a deeper meaning: eat the entire apple.

One book also describes one doctor’s battle with Sloan-Kettering Hospital, a cancer hospital in New York City. This man evidently stumbled upon the information that cancer can be combatted with foods, seeds, and herbs.  The Hospital, in true Big Brother form, fired him. How can they make money if they can’t get cancer victims (another word I hate) to pay for all the surgery, chemo and radiation?!

Update on my personal journey: I may have told you that I was scheduled, or should I say penciled in, for surgery on July 28. This surgery was to include a mastectomy of my right breast and a reconstruction, using skin and fat from my belly to recreate a new breast. (And who doesn’t want a “free” tummy tuck?)

I then found out that the Plastic Surgeons had me on the schedule for the wrong procedure. They had me down for an implant. I would rather have nothing than an implant. I don’t need another alien in my body.

I decided maybe this is a sign that I need to get a second opinion. (Ya think?) So I am scheduled for this coming Monday with a female oncologist that is also closer to home, which will make easier for Mr. Porter. Less racing up and down the Thruway to visit me.

We also have bought a juicer, and I am doing 2 or 3 juices a day. I mix in all the goodies: dark green lettuce, blueberries, whole apple, some chia seeds and water.  My body is having a rough time if I have three a day though; my stomach hurts all the way through the intestines. It might be a good thing; it might be cleaning out a bunch of stuff that shouldn’t be there. But it’s very uncomfortable.

I can only read these books in short spurts; there is so much political and pharmaceutical profit-driven evil going on that my brain starts to spin.

But there is nothing wrong with short spurts, that is also how I write!

I may not be able to avoid the surgery this time around, but with all the prayers that are going up for me, and the nutrition information I am learning, I hope to never have to deal with cancer again!












12 thoughts on “Update on “my” breast cancer

  1. Sending hugs and prayers. Cancer picked the wrong chick to mess with, indeed. Get all your information, make your choices, and keep being you, because you are awesome.


  2. Good to hear you’re slowing things down a bit, making time for that second opinion. Yes, I would think all the fiber from the juicing is cleaning you out, and it probably does hurt in all kinds of places. But keep at it. What happened with the genetic testing?Terre.

    Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 17:46:14 +0000 To: terrel217@hotmail.com


  3. First of all I am glad to see you understand that it isn’t “your” cancer….it isn’t a possession. It isn’t something you “have” it is a foreign agent invading your body and you WILL WILL WILL get rid of it! With lots of prayers and positive thoughts for you, I’m sure you will win this battle. It sounds like you are doing all of the good things. One teeny piece of advice is remember to keep all toxic things away and sometimes this includes negative people unfortunately. Any negative energy can interfere with your healing. Praying for you girlfriend….keep up the good work. YOU ROCK! 🙂


  4. So true. What you eat can make you feel much better for sure. I went and bought chia seeds today. We could all use these tips. Ultimately God will do what He has promised. By His stripes you were healed my friend. D xo


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