Marble Rye and the Sandstorm

Yes, we took another quick trip to Bolton Landing Saturday.  We arrived at 4:45, parked the car and walked to the beach. We got into the water and splashed around for 10 minutes before the lifeguard yelled, “It’s 5 o’clock. The lifeguard is going off duty. Everyone out of the water. Swimming after 5 o’clock is prohibited.”

At least we actually got into the water this week. We got out of the water, and dried off, put our sandals on and began walking back up the hill, only to be confronted with 40 mph winds.

On the Lower Left side of this picture, you can see the sand from the beach area blowing around.   Check out the top of this tree.  A strong wind blows the top branches.

Mr. Porter wore glasses instead of contact lenses that day. Whew. Sand in the contact lenses is not fun.

We proceeded to the car, and drove down to the German restaurant where we enjoyed the Marble Rye. As usual we filled up on the salad bar and bread, so by the time the entrees showed up, we were full. So we had German food for lunch the next day.

Today we met the inspector at our soon-to-be-new house. The bad news is we may need a new roof. I attempted to contact our roofer to inspect the roof later in the week.

Several of the rooms are going to need paint before we move in, but my very first project is to de-pinkify the kitchen cabinets.

Well I’m off to do more paperwork. Have a great week everyone!






2 thoughts on “Marble Rye and the Sandstorm

    1. thanks! Yes we are sending our roofing guy to take a look Friday. Legally, they will have to pay for a new roof, at least that is my understanding. It is supposedly only 7 years old but there is no warranty, which sounds fishy to me.


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