Frank and Chester, A Flash Fiction story

There is a site named that posts a  writing prompt everySaturday morning. The prompt must be included in the story submitted. (First line)

My story Frank and Chester took second place.  I posted an incorrect link yesterday, so here it is.

“I need to talk to a human,” he demanded. Frank ran his hands through his greasy white hair and scratched his beard. His gaze met Nurse Jackson’s and she quickly looked away; Frank’s eyes were red and puffy with tears.

“I’m sorry; you have to fill out these forms first. Then, you’ll be assigned a number. Please sit over there and wait for your number to be called, just like it the sign says.” She pointed to the sign, handed him a clipboard and continued walking.

He turned and grabbed her arm. “No, you don’t understand,” he continued, “My friend, his foot is frozen. Look at it.” He tightened his grip on her arm. “Look at it,” he insisted.

Nurse Jackson stopped in mid-step. Chester sat in the orange plastic chair, his left foot draped over his right knee. Chester’s toes were black. The rest of his foot was dark and covered in white blisters.

“We’ve been sleeping down under the bridge, and usually we get by okay.” Frank took a deep breath. “This last cold blast has done us in. Not just the cold, but the snow. Now, I’m not the type that normally complains about things, and this isn’t for me, it’s for Chester. I’m afraid he’s going to lose that foot if someone doesn’t do something.”

Nurse Jackson looked around the crowded ER waiting room. There were children coughing, their moms hugging them and covering them with blankets. An old man clutched his chest while his wife held his hand. A teenager vomited in the corner.

“Grab that wheelchair,” Nurse Jackson nodded to Frank. “Let’s get Chester in back before it’s too late.”

“Thank you,” Frank said. “I knew if I could talk to a human, someone would help us.”

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