I can’t cook, but I keep trying 

Another day, another kitchen disaster.    

I may have previously posted my mother-in-law’s Irish Potato recipe. If I haven’t, please leave a comment if you would like me to post it. 

Well long story short,I made the recipe early this morning without being sufficiently caffeinated. I decided to skip the crumbs on top that I was supposed to mix with the cheese, because I have friends who go gluten-free and thought this would help by leaving off the glutenous crumbs.  

I forgot though, that cheese on top, left to its own devices tends to burn.  Thus, the potato casserole does not look as appetizing as I had hoped.  It hopefully will taste ok, and if not, Bailey will be happy to help with the leftovers. 


In Real Estate news, today the roofer and the bug guy will be making appearances at the new house.  Tomorrow is the chimney inspector. Things are moving along.  

I will let you know how Bailey liked the potatoes!

Oh, I have another Flash Fiction piece that will be published online August 12.  After that, I will also post it here.   Have a good weekend!

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