Facing my opponent


I am happy to have another story published. This is a Flash Fiction piece, published at 101words.com

Here it is:

Facing my Opponent

Sweat cascades down my head as I peddle, one, two, three miles, uphill both ways. I race along on the treadmill to the beat of my iPod. My opponent’s picture, the one taped to my fridge, keeps my fists jabbing at the speed bag until my arms ache.

Dinner. I bite the dry chicken and force it down with soggy broccoli. Water, more water.

It’s time. Behind the ropes, my friends shout my name. We want this opponent taken down.

I step forward onto the Weight Watchers scale. I lost four pounds.

I’m happy to be a loser in this round.

SueAnn Porter

Beyond the thrill of having something published, is the people who take the time to write an encouraging comment. It feels good 🙂

In other news, I won a FREE editing of my first 75 pages of my work in progress “Ambassador.” I need to complete it by August 31, so this is really butt-in-chair time!

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