What is confidence, and where do I buy some?

A friend of a friend is an artist. She creates “abstract” art, which I guess is the lowest common denominator of the cliché about beauty being in the eye of the beholder. 

Her art is not my cup of tea (yes another cliché) but what fascinates me is that she has the confidence to put it out there for the world to see. She is proud of her work.  

Where Does someone get that confidence? Is it instilled by a parent, grandparent or teacher? What about those of us that don’t have it? Where can we get some?

I know another artist who had much better skills and art (in my opinion) but yet doesn’t sell as much artwork or produce as many art shows.  Why is that?  

Are some of us born with it? Do parents give it or squelch it in The childhood process?


3 thoughts on “What is confidence, and where do I buy some?

  1. Sueann, I think confidence comes with the ability and determination to confront fears and push them aside. I may be wrong, but that’s where my confidence lies. I’m not easily intimidated by anything in life and ready to move forward with just about–anything–constructive!

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