My priorities changed again. 

Before we moved into the new house, I decided that the very first task on the agenda was to paint the pink cabinets.  White would be nice.  Also, we tossed around the idea of sanding them down to the wood and staining them, but that is more hours than I want to spend. 

Mr. Porter and I have decided that maybe pink is not so bad after all, and it’s more important to fix the skylights (well, the holes where the skylights used to be) and the thermostat. 

Yes, that pesky thing called heat in the winter. 

Twice this week we woke up to no heat. The batteries in the thermostat went dead. Going into winter,  I don’t want to have my heat dependant on two double A batteries. What if we are snowed in, the batteries go dead and we can’t get to the store?  Brrr. 

Today I have some kind if stomach ailment.  I  learned that my two friends that I walk with also have the same stomach problems. 

So painting those cabinets seems less important. 

I also had my first official kitchen disaster: 

Yes,I broke one of our large mugs on the tile floor. This was caused by my hand spazzing. 

Right now, I am also liking this color pink:

Bailey’s stomach has settled since last week, but now mine is bothering me. 

Happy Monday indeed.  

11 thoughts on “My priorities changed again. 

    1. Thanks Terri. You are right, it’s getting to where we barely notice the pink any more. I am so happy to have so much storage and lots of cabinet space. I have drawers and shelves that Re still empty!! I love it.


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