I’m not sure what to do today. 

I’m still fighting this stomach bug, and I have not won the battle yet. I feel better than yesterday, but I’m still dizzy and tired. But I have too much to do! I don’t have time to be sick; yet here I am. “Frustrating” is the best G-rated word I can come up with at the moment. 

An old friend of mine emailed last week, and I hope to have her visit next week when I feel better. She can help me with the unpacking, and maybe even start the painting of the kitchen cabinets. 

I guess it will be another rest day for me. I did take Bailey for a walk around the neighborhood, and he made new fans. He seems to need at least three people a day to tell him how pretty/hansome he is, then he is happy. 

So hopefully he will let me rest now.  

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