A mysterious white SUV and other observations

I came home from running errands, and there was an SUV by my house that looked like my previous realtor’s vehicle. I was not quick enough to get a picture, but with all this clowning around business, I can’t help but let my imagination wonder a little bit….was our previous realtor upset that we ignored her and used a different realtor? Will she seek revenge? Will she be hiding in the shrubs under the bedroom window? Bwahahaha.  

So you heard right, I was able to drag my butt out of ye olde house and run a few errands. I picked up my prescriptions, bought some Coryceps

and a few other necessities. I am guessing that any day now I will have my energy back, and I will stop falling asleep three times a day. 

Also since tomorrow is Saturday, Mr. Porter and I will be making decisions like what are we doing in this living room?  Right now it looks like a college commons–if you have an old couch just bring it along and add it to the room. There’s seats for everyone! 

Right now I am sitting outside, trying to get some  fresh air.   

My view from my back deck:

Not too shabby. I especially like the shades of orange.  

Bailey came out for a quick visit.  

I gave him his lunch and he is taking his nap.  

Have a good weekend!

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