Bailey’s Christmas Miracle

Notice his manicure

I brought Bailey to PetMart yesterday to get his nails trimmed. He was starting to look Howard-Hughes-ish and needed those nails clipped. 

As usual, I bribed him with cheese to get him into the car. When we took a turn at the intersection, he realized we were not on the way to his friend Georgie’s house and got suspicious.  

I was able to get him out of the car, and into PetSmart, but he needed extra coaxing to go into the Grooming Area. 

After his nail clipping, I paid the cashier, and got an overwhelming urge to go back to the person who cut his nails and give her a $5 tip. I argued with God in my head for a minute, but decided it was a good idea, it’s Christmas after all.  

As I started to cross the parking lot to walk to my car, Bailey stopped in the middle of the crosswalk. I put a piece if cheese right in front of his mouth, which he grabbed with his teeth.  He slipped out of his collar and ran back to the front of the store. I stood in the middle if the crosswalk holding a leash and collar with no dog. I ran back to the storefront, grabbed Bailey, and took a deep breath.  Mr. Porter was not with me–he was at work.  The last time Bailey pulled this stunt, my husband picked him up and carried him.  Due to past and present arm and shoulder injuries, that was not an option. 

Just then, a neighbor walked out of PetSmart. I told her my problem, and she helped coax Bailey across the crosswalk and to my car. 

I sighed with relief and thanked her. As if that was not enough, she reached into her shopping bag, pulled out a bag of dog treats, and handed it to me. She hugged me and said “Merry Christmas.”  I wished her the same. 
Back in the car, I thought about what perfect timing had been orchestrated exactly when I needed it. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to all!

4 thoughts on “Bailey’s Christmas Miracle

  1. God’s timing. Yes, I believe in miracles and our dogs are included. Speaking of doggies, my Toby will be going for an operation…luxating patella…knee surgery by board certified vet. Seems he fell attempting a jump onto my bed and put his doggie knee out requiring $2,700 surgery on 1/4/17. This little guy has my heart…please pray for a excellent result by vets who won’t attempt to further gouge my empty pockets.


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