Ending Slavery.

Well I hope that title got your attention, because I found an interesting fact in the book of Joshua and I will share it with you.

After the people of Israel left Egypt, none of the males who were born during the time they wandered in the desert had been circumcised and dedicated to the Lord. After the older generation died off, Joshua had the younger generation circumcised and dedicated to the Lord.

The Lord said to Joshua, “Today I have removed from you the disgrace of being slaves in Egypt.”

–Joshua 5:9

When the Lord said this, he is referring to the Hebrews who had been born in the wilderness. NONE of these people had been slaves themselves–but their immediate ancestors were. Those of us familiar with scripture are familiar with generational curses, and that Jesus came to set us free from ALL bondage, whether physical or spiritual.

When we dedicate ourselves and our children to the Lord, we are no longer slaves but FREE in Christ Jesus. The disgrace of our ancestors being in bondage is gone.


One thought on “Ending Slavery.

  1. Thanks for the reminder! I sometimes feel bad that my children don’t take faith all that seriously. I have to remember that I didn’t take my mother’s faith seriously either until much later–after wandering in the desert for years.

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