A Low-cal dinner idea

Go to your favorite restaurant on a Saturday night.  Have the Hostess tell you, “Follow me” but then get distracted before she points you to your table, walks away, and disappears. You then pick a table at random. 

After ten minutes, hunt down a waiter to ask “Who is waiting on this table?”  He doesn’t know, asks around, and disappears.  He walks by fifteen minutes later to mumble, “You still don’t have waters yet?” As he serves his diners their entrees.  

Waitress then makes an appearance at your table.  She asks for drink orders (two waters), she asks, “With lemon?” Sure, whatever’s easier.  Before she leaves, place your food order, as you’ve now had 30 minutes to decide, and you might not see her for a while.  😳

Fifteen minutes later, waitress emerges with a tray of drinks, including waters.  You get hopeful, as you would like something at this point.  She distributes the drinks, but alas, the tray is empty before she reaches your table.  But she does stop by to ask, “What did you order to drink again? Oh yeah, water.”

She returns ten minutes later with another tray, and brings out waters. She belts out, “I’m so sorry, I forgot your lemon.” You hold the glass firmly in your hand.  I will not relinquish this water, you say to yourself. 

Waitress then goes to next table, holding the tray askew and dumps the water on the elderly gentleman, his wife, and her purse.  You hold your water glass even tighter. Thank God it wasn’t me, you tell yourself.  

Well, zero calories so far. The bread comes to the table, but who wants it?

Entree finally arrives. It’s cold; it’s obvious it’s been sitting in the window for a while.You  dare not complain or send it back.  That can only be trouble.  

Meanwhile, purse lady is complaing to the owner that this waitress dumped water. And they waited 20 minutes for silverware.  And her brand new purse is ruined.  And they still don’t have their meals. 

You look at the two tables behind purse lady and notice that these folks have been there at least 30 minutes and just got their waters.  

So you only eat half your entree, don’t even ask for a doggie bag, because that could take another 30 minutes and you would like to go watch a movie before bedtime.  

Many less calories are consumed in this scenario.  

Now I know that not everyone is cut out to be a waitress.  I attempted it for several months as a teenager, and I was awful.  It’s not for everyone.  I hope this young girl finds her calling.  

What is your worst restaurant experience?

4 thoughts on “A Low-cal dinner idea

  1. Worst dining experience…EVER!

    Ironically, it was at the Culinary Institute of Americ—Caterina de Medici, their Italian experience in September of 2011. I was taken there by my brother-in-law and sister for my birthday, along with family and best friends. It was a very special time because he was fighting a particularly aggressive cancer and we wanted to take advantage of enjoying all the ‘now’ we had.

    On their comment card abandoned with an extraordinarily pricey bill were printed these words “What have we done exceptionally well?” That was all the invite I required to respond with truth. This is verbatim from that card…”The worst service we have ever experienced. It was indeed EXCEPTIONAL!

    Their next question was “What can we do to improve?” Not make customers wait for 1-1/2 hours with only a meager quantity of bread and warmish water, ignoring them entirely. Serve portions that are recognizable; not serve pasta that is dried out like cardboard from sitting under a warming lamp for over an hour. I can go on! This first course was inedible and sent back. Then the tomato soup put down with the main was barely warm and was devoid of any seasoning. The entrées were all dry (beef roulade burnt first and then dried out) and the veal (thin slices, under two ounces of food on the entire plate including vegetable as garnish) gave new definition to minimalist Nouvelle cuisine. Nothing was done well in flavor, execution or presentation.

    It WAS a memorable experience for my birthday. All eight adult professional in this dinner party agree…worst service EVER! Food rated as a serious disappointment, from inedible at worst to pedestrian at best. This meal, summed up in a word—INSULTING! You should be EMBARRASSED. [This ended my written retort.]

    We all made the best of a bad situation, however, and enjoyed each other’s company and had a good laugh or ten from the evening’s comedy of errors.

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  2. Husband and I had a similar experience. We were on vacation, had been in the car for hours and were very hungry. We stopped at a restaurant known for quick service and tasty meals at a reasonable price. We walked in, no one seated us. No customers in the restaurant. We seated ourselves right next to the counter where there were about 4 employees talking. No one acknowledged us, no one brought us water or menus. After speaking loudly that we sure were hungry and would like to order with no employee even looking us in the eyes,we got up and left.

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    1. Wow that is really insulting! I’m sorry you had that happen Terri. I’m guessing the owner was not on the premises. For them to ignore you like that shows how little they care about the business.


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