I wasn’t going to blog today, but

here I am. I had big plans to go through the cabinets with the vacuum attachments, put the paper on the shelves, and get the dining room boxes back into the cabinets.  I lost the initiative.

I started down my list of phone calls: exterminator, MRI facility, doctor–oh doctor. It seems I have significant degenerative joint disease in my shoulder. Yes, the one Bailey pulled. It was not his fault; the degeneration would have been going on for years before Bailey had anything to do with it. He just brought it to the forefront of my life.

I have a doctor’s appointment Monday to find out what we will do about the shoulder.

I still haven’t taken my shower and I still have phone calls to make. (Oh and I also went to my storage unit with the wrong key, so there’s that.)

I wasted an hour on Google Drives trying to download the music for Sunday’s service. I gave up. As I was looking in my coat pocket for something else, I found next week’s church bulletin in my pocket. Then I remembered, I saw it in the pew Sunday, and without checking the date, I noticed it was the wrong one for Sunday and stuffed it in my pocket so some poor sap would not start singing the wrong songs.

It happens to be exactly what I will need for tomorrow night’s choir practice, and Sunday’s service.

Sometimes, life is just weird.

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