The Storage Unit is empty!

Success! After almost two years the storage unit is empty. We started our down-sizing journey by moving lesser needed items into the unit so we could stage the house.    We sold our large house, and rented a townhouse while we searched for a one-level ranch.  We found the ranch, and after painting and cleaning, … More The Storage Unit is empty!

Finding the floor

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to steal a few minutes to blog, but I’m at the point where my head is about to explode, so it now has a higher priority.   I was sick for a week with a mysterious stomach bug, so during that time, I did zero unpacking.   … More Finding the floor

We’re In!

We are moved into the new house.  Actually, our stuff is here, but since it’s still in boxes, I don’t know where most things are.  I went back to the apartment to clean, and hired cleaners to help me. It’s in pretty good shape now. I just need to put the garbage out for collection.  … More We’re In!