I went #shopping in my basement 

Yes folks, it was in storage for two years, but I have located my mixer! Hubby bought it for me back when I was actively pursuing a hobby in cake decorating.  I enjoy the artistic/creative side of cake decorating, but sadly, I like cake eating even more.  

I took several classes at Michael’s, you know, the home decor etc. chain store. I also bought hundreds of dollars worth of tools. I could do smooth fondant, edible flowers, even tiered cakes.  I was actually getting quite skilled.  I even applied for a job in a grocery store’s cake department, but was beat out by someone with more experience.  

I finally joined Weight Watchers and stopped decorating cakes.  I have gained and lost the same 40 pounds twice since then.  

So when I found the mixer the other day I thought, well I won’t be mixing mashed potatoes until November, so maybe I will try a cake…. 

See next week’s blog for the result.    

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