The downside of being #creative

A fine mess. I don’t know if you can also see the cake crumbs on the floor. And you can’t see the chocolate on my face an apron. This is the price one pays to be creative.   After I found my mixer The other day, I decided to make a cake and decorate it. … More The downside of being #creative

Eggplant Lasagna

Mr. Porter’s garden has been most successful this year; we have herds of eggplant, peppers and beans. I love eggplant parm as much as the next person, but all those tasty bread crumbs which usually accompany eggplant–well they have a lot of carbs. So I figured, I would wrap up the eggplant inside some lasagna (made … More Eggplant Lasagna

Date Night: Saturday at the “Soup Kitchen” or: Give a Man a Ravioli

It used to be a mill town; the old mills are now condos for the career professionals and unfortunately, the drug dealers. The locals can’t afford to live in those buildings. The church on the corner supplies free meals on Saturday nights. Local churches rotate the duties of cooking, serving meals, and cleaning up. My … More Date Night: Saturday at the “Soup Kitchen” or: Give a Man a Ravioli

Food is my frenemy

I ate too much pumpkin pie last night. I woke up at 4 am with pain in my stomach. I did it again. I punished myself by overeating. Why am I craving pumpkin? Is there a nutrient in the pumpkin that I need? Or am I brainwashed by the pumpkin spice latte commercials? Is it … More Food is my frenemy