Dear Rude Appliance Salesman #refrigerator

I forgot to being the measurements of the space designated for the fridge.  I can still look at the styles, colors, and sizes available in your store.  I am not “wasting my time.”  This is called research. 

I told you immediately I am not buying today so I wouldnt waste your time. But don’t presume to know my time allotments. Maybe I have been stuck in the house all day and need a diversion. Maybe I will see a fridge that knocks my socks off and will cause us to modify the kitchen. 

Being rude to me because I am not buying today won’t help your possible commission for next week. In fact, you will not be getting a commission from me at all. If I do buy in your store, I will ask for a different salesman. But most likely I will purchase my fridge from the competition down the road.  Have a nice day.  

2 thoughts on “Dear Rude Appliance Salesman #refrigerator

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