The downside of being #creative

A fine mess. I don’t know if you can also see the cake crumbs on the floor. And you can’t see the chocolate on my face an apron. This is the price one pays to be creative.  

After I found my mixer The other day, I decided to make a cake and decorate it.  It had been three years since I did so….

First, i needed some gloves so that I wasn’t touching the food directly.  But I have man hands (Seinfeld) and the only gloves I found were small.  

I was extra careful.  

I didn’t have any of my shaped cake pans, so I used the bowl, above.  I wanted the general shape of a flower pot.  

So here’s the undercarriage of the cake with three layers of chocolate icing and chocolate chips:

I made some leaves out of the icing you buy in a tube:

I prefer piping bags with real tips, but whatever.  

I found a round pan for the top part of the cake and covered that in icing too:

The fondant. Ugh. I don’t have my nice non-stick mat and roller anymore.  I had to use parchment paper and regular roller.  Ah, but first, I had to color it with food coloring. Close enough.  

I then realized I should not put fondant in the mixer, it changes the consistency but, oh well.  

So ok. A cracked pot.  Yep I said it.  At this point, I was very tempted to say, “forget it” and just eat the cake.  But i had already cheated and bought flowers at the craft shop.  Maybe I could salvage it? 

So here’s the final result:

So I gave it to my friend and she liked it. At last I heard, her teenage kid had some and said it was good.  

So when in doubt, apply chocolate! 

11 thoughts on “The downside of being #creative

  1. I’m glad you had so much ambition. I once made a cake and when I took it out of the oven, the pan hit the rack, the cake flew straight up in the air and landed back in the pan but all broken up. I was upset but my husband and son said “it’s cake, we’ll eat it!…and they did.

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