If you really want to combat racism, read to a child    #reading #children #racism #family #kids

With all the talk of racism in the news, what do we tell our children? How do we talk to them?

A Doll Like My Mommy is the celebration of an interracial family. It depicts each family member’s uniqueness while acknowledging their inherent similarities. This book is filled with images of loving interaction between all members of this racially diverse family, including aunts, uncles and grandparents. “We are as different as different can be and yet on the inside they are just like me because we belong in the same family” is the recurrent theme throughout this beautifully illustrated, playfully rhymed story.


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5 thoughts on “If you really want to combat racism, read to a child    #reading #children #racism #family #kids

  1. How wonderful! I have a son who is half black and half white. It’s very frustrating at times to go to the library and see so many white faces in every book. It’s almost like subliminal supremacy. I have to really look through the books to try to find the most diverse ones. I will definitely be looking into this one!

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