I’m currently living in this particular pit. 

Strange place, here.  I’ve slept through most of August. When I am awake, I hear neighbors hammering, installing new fencing.  Or I hear the screaming of other people’s children playing in their pool. Or the chainsaw, carving through tree trunks and branches– the remains of trees taken down by other noisy machines. 

Each one of these occurances sends the sensation of needles into my center brain, where the migraine resides. 

I have no diagnosis other than “Vertigo”. But it’s not the kind with ear crystals in the wrong place in the inner ear; if so, they could move me around and treat it.  No, this so far has no reason and therefore the cure eludes us. 

Monday I will be off to see another ENT– Ear, nose and throat doctor, for another hearing test.  Waste of time, that.  I keep having hearing tests, can’t hear some of the words, yet they tell me I am within “normal range” of hearing.  Ugh.  Even people who sell hearing aids for a living won’t sell me one.  Funny, I can hear noises, but people’s speech is muddled.  

My mother has sent me packages of healing cds and dvds. Preaching the Word from several different sources.  So my mission seems thus: Listen and Learn. Pray. Then help someone else, when I have gotten out of this particular pit.  

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