My Google history


I am writing a time-travel novel. This causes me to Google some strange things.

This morning I needed to research if pencils existed in 1860. Apparently, they did, although not in the form we know them today. Graphite pencils can actually be traced back to 1564. The Romans used a “stylus” which actually was a thin metal rod and left light readable marks on papyrus which is an early form of paper.

Okay, so the main character could be using a pencil.

The other day, my son and I were discussing Quantum Physics, a base of which is totally necessary for realistic Sci-Fi.  I guess Time Travel would be considered Sci-Fi? Anywhoo, I do own a book on Quantum Physics, it was five bucks as Barnes and Nobel and who could resist? Today I wound up buying a dvd set online about how Quantum Physics and the spirit realm intersect. Looking forward to that!

Then there is the entry “movie shark cage netflix”.  Mr. Porter and I watched a lot of movies yesterday, as the roads and the backyard were a sheet of ice, and even Bailey fell down. I wasn’t going out there! So we found the movie “47 Meters Down” about two girls who go into a shark cage and go down into the water to watch sharks. This much I can tell you:  Parents, this is a great movie to show your kids to teach them What Not To Do On Vacation.

Entry: Jamie Bell Six Days.  We were watching the movie “Six Days” about a Terrorist situation in London in 1980. “Hey, that guy looks like Jamie Bell.” He was the lead in “TURN:Washington’s Spies” and if you haven’t seen that, well it’s delightfully bingeable.   And sure enough, it was Jamie Bell. Yeah, we watch a lot of tv. I can recognize actors in other shows maybe a little too much.

Entry: Mistakes Serbian speakers make in English.   Yeah. Really. One of my characters will have an accent, and it’s always fun to have them make some mistakes.

Entry: Harry Nilsson without you.   Remember that great song from the 70’s? Well, it was actually written by two guys from the band Badfinger, who both committed suicide because they got screwed out of royalties for this song.  I had to look it up because there is an atrocious video going around, of a girl who is not an English speaker, and sang “Miraha Carey’s Ken Lee”.   Has nothing to do with my book.

Entry: Bread in Mailbox.   A friend of mine discovered someone put bread in her mailbox. Beyond weird, right? So according to Google, this is a thing. Someone either wants to do voodoo, or they are watching your house for a possible robbery. Who knew.

Entry: Fred Astaire Continental.   I have a friend going through chemo for breast cancer, and I told her to turn off the news and rest. I sent her some Fred and Ginger movies to distract her.

Entry:  John Andre’ did he really have a braid.  Yes, this is from TURN: Washington’s Spies again. Apparently, he did.

So there are the highlights. It’s great to live in a time when we can get all this information in seconds. Hopefully, most of the information is accurate…..












9 thoughts on “My Google history

  1. Interesting line up. I am reading a book called D6 (based on Deuteronomy 6) about generational mentoring discipleship. One of the things in the very first chapter they said was regarding Google. Years ago


    1. … phone decided I needed to send reply lol. Anyway, years ago we used to discuss things like who starred in movies, TV shows etc and we could talk about that for hours. NOW, if we don’t have the answer, we whip out the smart phone and Google it. Discussion over… Don’t get me wrong, I love having info at my fingertips, just not sure if Google is always a good thing. 😉


      1. Hi Courtney, yes, there’s good and bad having Google so handy. Sometimes I should try to use my own memory before I look things up! But it’s fun that you can ask any question and usually get an answer. Then check several sources to get a bigger picture. A little easier than looking in the encyclopedias we grew up with. I’m curious, how did Deuteronomy 6 and Google overlap?

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        1. They were making the point of the cultural differences from generation to generation. You and I had encyclopedias…the new generation has Google. Also, there is a loss of connection because no one talks or argues over info. They just whip out Google.. conversation over. 😕

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    1. Terri, I highly recommend TURN: American’s Spies. It is loosely based on true events that occurred during the Revolutionary War. You know how they hype things up for movies. At the end, I totally hated the character Simcoe. I researched the actor that plays him. He likes that people hate him; it’s an actor doing a good job!


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