At least it stopped snowing

Here in the great Northeast, it snowed the last day of April. Mr Porter and I were outside that morning, getting an estimate from a lawn dude to see how much it would cost to fix the yard. After taking trees down last year, the yard is full of holes. We stood in the sleet and snow, cursing the winter. The next day, May 1, was 80 degrees. It was glorious.

Mr Porter had surgery three weeks ago and we are back at the hospital for a checkup. We had a scare this morning; we thought the stitches had come undone. It’s amazing how a problem like that changes your priorities. I did not care that I parked the car sideways in the space, actually taking up two spaces, and didn’t care if someone swore at me for doing so.

In other news, how about that Roseanne?! I could not believe her stupid racist comments. Then she said, “It was a joke.” It’s really not a joke.

Sadly, I missed my writer group last night, as we had to travel. I haven’t been writing much lately, not even on my offline computer. It’s been a whirlwind with my son Moving out, and then rearranging the furniture in the house to make room for a hospital bad, a desk (which I bought and it broke in transit but I did get a refund).

Then we had the little fridge on the kitchen counter so that things can be accessed easily for someone who had surgery and can’t bend down.

Hopefully all goes well today, and I will get back to writing Scraps of Paper.

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