I was supposed to renew my driver’s license this morning

But here I am, just after noon, still drinking coffee.

I am supposed to find two proofs of address. I found the electric bill. Now what about the new license form that the Department of Motor Vehicles sent me? I have it here, it has my address on it. Does that count?

I found my Passport and… I have my original birth certificate with the envelope it came in. ( different address). It has a four-cent stamp on it, so that is how old I am.

I haven’t showered yet, so really what I should do is jump on the treadmill. I have the tv in front of the treadmill and I have been bingeing ER, (which is the grandparent of Grey’s Anatomy for you youngsters out there.)

Actually I am not merely bingeing ER, I am conducting research for my book, Scraps of Paper. There is a Croatian guy on the show, so I am using him as a model for ideas on my Nikola Tesla character.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Ok, I am off to the treadmill!

2 thoughts on “I was supposed to renew my driver’s license this morning

  1. I really liked that actor who played the Croatian…..I think as long as you have 2 pieces of mail addressed to you, you are ok. How about a copy of your homeowners insurance policy. I’ve used that before.

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    1. I got all the way down to the DMV and they wanted either my original soc sec card, or last years w-2. I will try again tomorrow

      The Croatian guy is Goran Visnjic. Don’t ask me to ptonounce it. LOL.


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