In an Andy Rooney kind of mood #grumpy

It’s ok, kids, if you don’t know who that is. He made a lot of sarcastic observations. And he was usually right.

Here’s some of my thoughts lately:

Why is it that during this season of Peace on Earth, people are more rude, drive more recklessly, and spend more money than they should, driving themselves deeper into debt–which makes them less peaceful?

Have you noticed how there is a backlash against “Baby, it’s cold outside”, a song written 74 years ago, when society was different, and men still respected women, but no complaints about the pop songs of the last 20 years, which degrade women — often by other women?

Why, in a day and age where there are at least 12 different kinds of birth control, are there more unwanted pregnancies than ever?

Ever notice how no one wants to hear about Jesus until they have a really big problem and want you to pray for them?

Have you noticed how the media these days picks a small part of a story and passes it off as the entire story? Have you noticed that we have begun thinking in slogans, rather than having deep conversations?

Did you ever notice that when you save up money for something special, that it has to be spent instead on something needed?

Have you noticed lately that it’s getting dark at 4:30 and it makes me very grumpy?!








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