A daily prayer for President Trump

Lord we lift up President Trump and his family. We cover them with the blood of Jesus. We ask that you surround them with legions of angels to protect them. 
We pray for those who are in charge of “planes, trains, automobiles”, helicopters and any other vehicle that the President rides in. We pray that the mechanics are loyal to you Lord, and hear your voice if a part needs to be replaced ahead of time to keep the vehicle safe. We ask you to lead and guide the mechanics. We also lift up the drivers and pilots, that they are loyal to you Lord, that they hear your voice. We pray against any temptation to take money to betray the President as to where he is going, and against any evil plots.  
We pray that the Secret Service members are loyal to you Lord. That they would hear your voice and know of potential danger before it happens so they can protect the President and his family.  
We thank you Lord that the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord and you turn it whichever way you desire. We see that you are working on President Trump and remind us before speaking about his personality, that he is fighting for us against unimaginable evil. 
We pray that you open the eyes of Christians, to stop complaining and start praying. 
We thank you for hearing our prayers.  In Jesus name, Amen. 

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