What would you like for dinner?

  This is my kitchen table. Doesn’t that sledgehammer look yummy? How about the mold and mildew remover? Would you like a dust-mask with that? We are in the process of getting the house ready for sale so it’s kinda crazy around here. Last week, I went to my Weight Watchers meeting. The Leader asked, … More What would you like for dinner?


Today I went through an experience of extreme fear overtaking me. Things from the past came flooding into my memory. It was very overwhelming and, to use an overused word: terrifying.  Usually when I feel emotions this strongly, I find some food and stuff the feelings back down. The fear is too much; I feel … More Common

The January Squeeze

The festivities of the holidays are over–the relatives have been visited, food has been consumed in huge quantities, eggnog has been inhaled, and presents exchanged and re-gifted. We now return to our normally scheduled life. I have noticed that every January–no matter how well planned December was-January is a squeeze! It’s supposed to be a New … More The January Squeeze


I know I am not the only person who stresses out and then EATS. I just don’t know how to stop it. After the fridge dying the other day, the whole house was torn apart. Cabinets had to be taken down, but first, their contents had to be removed…into boxes. So now there’s more boxes … More Binge