Living like a refugee in suburbia

IMG_1985My husband is running around the house singing the Tom Petty song.

We have packed most of our belongings into cardboard boxes, and dumped them into the garage. Our furniture is divided between the garage and the living room.  Right now, as I am typing this, we have a guy downstairs who is “sanding sandlessly” our hard wood flooring in the kitchen/family room. (Who was the genius who decided to put hardwood in front of the fridge and where the kitchen table is?! The people who owned the house before us, not us!)

We are preparing the house for the move to Boston. We are re-doing everything so that the house will sell quickly.

While we were rolling up one of the carpets last night, we looked out the windows to see our neighbors our for their evening stroll. I was envious. Free time.  Their fireplace mantle is filled with family pictures: their wedding, the kids in various stages of braces. Our pics are packed away somewhere in the garage. Our mantle is a holding area for hammers, scotch tape, scissors, and twine.

We had to move the fridge off the floor today…so first I had to take down the important info there: prescriptions, checks for upcoming bills, telephone numbers, my magnet collection. They are all in another box….somewhere.

I know this is all temporary. Whenever I catch myself feeling sorry for myself, I think of those who truly live like refugees: in the Sudan, in Syria. They for the most part, have nothing but the clothes on their backs. They don’t know where there next meal is coming from. We don’t either, but in a different sense–we can grab takeout or a pizza. I have no right to feel sorry for myself.

Soon the day will come when we are in our new place, and I will be opening boxes like on Christmas morning to see what I got!

This is all temporary.

7 thoughts on “Living like a refugee in suburbia

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  2. I definitely relate to this post. We just arranged a temporary move to a short term apartment (for about 3 months) so the new owners of our Tennessee condo can move in. Then we’ll move to an apartment three days away in South Dakota until we know if we want another “permanent” house. We waited to sell the condo for two years and prayed to make that happen. Now we are on fast forward. My mother always said, “Be careful what you pray for.” Hang in there. That day of relaxation will come again to us both soon.


  3. Good luck selling your house. I do know how you feel. Our big house has been on the market for over a year. We FINALLY got an offer 6 weeks ago and have been waiting and waiting for news. Just heard yesterday that the new owner (out of state) recently divorced and now her mortgage company wants verification that the EX isn’t part of the mortgage application. Another delay in closing. In the meantime, we had found a smaller place, did a lot of remodeling and moved in here in August. Add in some serious medical issues regarding my husband and it has been quite the year. Hope your experience goes much more smoothly for you.


  4. Hi there 67, we seem to have parallel lives. We are hoping to downsize also, we really don’t need this huge house for just me, hubby and the dog. I am sorry that your closing keeps getting delayed. Closings are hardly ever smooth unfortunately. I hope your husband is feeling better.


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