Mom will be Unplugged Today, so I am filling in — Love Bailey

Bailey-smooth-collieMom is working on her blog about the Federal Reserve. She has been mumbling under her breath a lot. She is fact-checking and looking for pictures. And mumbling under her breath. A lot.

What is the Creature from Jekyll Island, Mom? I never heard of that. It sounds scary!


Don’t worry Mom! I’ll protect you!

Hey Mom, the Daily Prompt for the other day was about being Unplugged, maybe you should create a link for that. Maybe you’ll get new readers, or maybe you’ll just get spam ping backs.

It’s worth a try, right Mom?

Who is this weird looking guy? Ben Break-a-knee? Oh, Ben Bernanke. He doesn’t look very smart. Why is he scratching his eyebrow? Does he have fleas?


What is Quantitative Easing? Is that a swear word Mom? I never heard you say that before.

IMG_1370WHAT? They just print money?  Oh, Mom now you’re just teasing me.


I refuse to believe that.

Ok, so who’s this funny looking guy? He looks like he could use some prune juice.


Woodrow Wilson? Who names their kid “Woodrow”?  What do you call him for a nickname, “Woody”?  Like Woody Woodpecker and Woody from Toy Story?  Who takes a guy named Woody seriously?

Mom says he was President in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was passed. That’s when they started issuing Federal Reserve Notes, and set up the Federal Reserve system, which is not a Federal agency. It’s a central bank run by bankers, not the government.

Woody signed it into law on December 23, 1913. Gee, that sounds really close to Christmas. I bet people didn’t hear about what was happening.

All this talk is making me tired.

I’m going to take a nap.


Mom hopes to be back tomorrow, if she doesn’t have a headache!

2 thoughts on “Mom will be Unplugged Today, so I am filling in — Love Bailey

  1. I love it. Sigh – Sad little piece of info, I asked my daughter who’s 12, (bear in mind, our school district is funded partially by a Air Force base), if she knew who Woodrow Wilson is/was or the Federal Reserve Act? She said “Why? Should I?” And “No isn’t THAT grown up stuff”. I recall learning the presidents and touching on what most of them did during their presidencies before going into 7th grade. I wish I had homeschooled my children. I support those of you who did/do. As I am about to send my children off to learn who knows what, apparently I am going to have fill in.


    1. And have you read up on Common Core?
      Definitely check her homework as often as possible, and “correct” the information they are sending home with her.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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