All I wanted was to sleep past 7:53 am

sleep-clipart-SleepingIs that too much to ask? It was Saturday, and I just wanted to sleep in. Maybe even sleep until 9 am. I had a busy week. Four out of five days last week I had doctor appointments. Cancer Surgeon, Radiology Doctor, Plastic Surgeon, and Oncologist. All the visits went well, but it was still a roller coaster ride. So when Saturday rolled around, I just wanted to pull up the covers and stay in bed.

As you know, Mr. Porter is a morning person. He gets up wayyyy before the sun and starts his day. He took Bailey for a walk early Saturday morning. While I was still lying in bed, I heard the phone ringing. As usual, I incorporated it into my dream and kept sleeping. I heard the robotic female voice on our phone say, “Call from: blah, blah.” Β Ok, whatever.

But then, the phone rang again, and it kept ringing. I finally drug dragged my butt out of bed and saw that it was the contractor who was scheduled to come over and fix our front step:


The carpenter ants had chewed their way through the front step. The exterminators sprayed several times during the last six months, and the ants were finally dead. It was time to put a new piece of wood on the front of the house.

The phone stopped ringing before I picked it up, but I saw the contractor number and thought I heard some noise outside. Β I noted the phone said 7:53 am. I was still in my hot pink bathrobe– pink-like-peptol-bismol-pink-with-an-“on”-switch pink. I stumbled downstairs and opened the door. There was Mr. Contractor Dude, pacing nervously. “Hi,” I growled in my best morning voice. “Isn’t my husband here?”

“I just called him.” He answered. “He said he was walking the dog and would be right back.”

Have no fear, Bailey's here.
Have no fear, Bailey’s here.

I looked towards the road, and here comes hubby and Bailey. “Well, there he is then.” I gave a deep exhale, and hid my hot pink self behind the door and slammed itΒ  closed it securely.




Now that it’s all over, and the front step is repaired, Gee, I guess it was worth it?



Sure it looks good now.

Maybe I should take away the Welcome mat. I should bring it in at night, and only put it outside later in the morning, when people are actually welcome?




21 thoughts on “All I wanted was to sleep past 7:53 am

  1. I only have a cell phone now and I put it in a drawer in the living room when I go to bed so I don’t hear it ring until I decide to get up and check later….Works out well most of the time.


    1. I usually leave my cell phone downstairs at night, but our “land line” has about 5 extensions all over the house. I think I will “quietly” move them away from the bedroom. πŸ˜‰


  2. My husband is a morning person too and when I try to sleep late which for him is anything past 6 am, he comes in and asks me questions, like where is the____? did you pay the water bill?? then when I half asleep answer him he says “oh I am sorry were you sleeping?” Duh no I’m just laying here for no reason……. anyway he is retiring in 4 days I will never sleep past 6 am again. Maybe I will become a morning person…. naaaaa πŸ˜€


    1. I sometimes think I should take a nap in the afternoon, then go to bed with my husband, and once he falls asleep, stay up all night writing. Then at quarter-to-dawn, when he gets up, I will already be up because it’s ‘still night’,
      My hubby gets mad when he talks to me at 6 am and I have no idea what he is talking about. Similiar to what you go through! I have to ask him to repeat it, and he gets mad. But when I try to have a conversation after 9 pm–the shoe is on the other foot! He doesn’t know what I’m talking about.
      Opposites attract…I guess?


      1. Are you sure we are not married to the same guy??? lol we have the same thing going on over here at my house too! btw I do go to bed with my husband and when he goes to sleep I read or get on my computer and write while he sleeps beside me. I keep thinking that I should wake him up and ask him questions πŸ˜€

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  3. Our Yorkie will stay in the bed and watch us get up and walk around the room, staying snug in the covers right up next to the pillow we have vacated and refuses to eat before 9AM! The joke around this house is…Pookie is not a morning puppy and neither is mom!! My brain refuses to function before about 10…and coffee! LOL! I’m also married to a morning person…ugh! My condolences on your Saturday morning especially after such a hard week 😦
    Maybe this one will be better….. πŸ™‚


    1. Bailey is a morning dog, which is why he does like my husband slightly better. They get up and have their walk together. I do give Bailey more treats, but he still likes my husband more. When I was sleeping on the hospital bed in the living room, Bailey was so excited to be able to wake me up early every morning! Now that I’m back upstairs (yay!) he doesn’t see me until *I* decide. Where can I buy a “not morning dog”? πŸ™‚


      1. Well….the Springer gets us up about 6:30 most mornings, so he makes up for it. As for where to get a “not morning dog”? I dunno! 😦 We just got lucky I guess….but it can be a pain when they have to go to the groomer or we have to be somewhere early. Then he has to go all day without eating because he usually will not eat before we leave. Plus he takes up an enormous amount of room in the bed to be such a small creature! LOL! πŸ™‚

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