I wanted to buy new shoes today.

Well, that’s  not going to happen. I had hoped to buy new sneakers, maybe even two pair, because the two pair I have now are seriously burnt-out. One pair leaks when I walk in the rain, (like today) and the other pair don’t have my required “lift” in the right shoe due to my leg length discrepancy, which causes my hip to ache.

Today’s To Do list has been cast aside by the ever-present real estate chaos. I think we only have three weeks left until closing. Then it will be two weeks of cleaning, painting, a new roof and some serious electrical work before we can actually move in.


 Update: I wrote that yesterday. Today i did get my needed retail therapy: a haircut (!), two new pairs of sneakers and a pair of shorts and two shirts.  All on sale of course. It’s the only way I shop. 

I got some editing done, I am really happy about that.  I may or may not have mentioned that I won a free 75 page edit from a company that edits manuscripts.  They want to see my first 75 pages.   All this practice with Flash fiction stories has helped me tighten up my writing. Plus the workshops at the Romance Writers group gave helped with the nitty gritty of how to get the words onto the page.    

I have *no* real estate news to report today!!!

That’s all for now. Bailey wants his privacy so I need to go up to bed. Good night. 

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