Finding the floor

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to steal a few minutes to blog, but I’m at the point where my head is about to explode, so it now has a higher priority.  

I was sick for a week with a mysterious stomach bug, so during that time, I did zero unpacking.  

Here is a “before” pic of our office space. My plan is that next week I will be able to post a satisfactory “after” pic. 

I purchased a new tv for my treadmill room and I plan to set that up today. With winter quickly approaching, I need that room set up so I will excercise during blizzards. 

I successfully cleared off the kitchen island to be used for food prep, including chopping vegetables.  Two points to me. 

Mr. Porter is working on the deck. We are racing against the clock on that project. The temperature needs to be above 35 degrees for the deck stain to adhere properly. I wanted the deck to be gray; I thought I would look good.  Mr. Porter insisted on green, and as it turns out, he was right.  

Before and after.   Gray wood vs. green!! He was right. As an added bonus, it matches our patio set cushions.  I’m looking forward to Spring when we can use it. I would like to skip winter entirely, but that’s another story. 

Bailey likes to stop during his walks and sniff the breeze. Maybe dogs can smell the colors of the leaves? Imagine if we could too?

6 thoughts on “Finding the floor

  1. Moving is always hard. But throw in illness and it becomes even more difficult. I am sorry you have been sick but I am glad you are feeling better! Love the color of your wood on your deck. With harsh weather, it is usually better to have it painted and sealed. I always wonder what dogs are smelling or hearing.. Bailey looks like he is in guard mode 🙂

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    1. Hi Courtney! I hope this my last move ever, but you never know what the future holds. Bailey is really enjoying the cooler weather, and loves all the new smells. I am glad we went with the green for the deck! The gray would have
      Been kind of blah now that I see them next to each other.

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  2. Sorry you have been ill….maybe just the change in homes and lingering stuff in the air. Love the deck color. and the work you have done so far. Hope you can start to really enjoy your new home before long.

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  3. Stumbled across your site…love the chopping block and the color on the deck. Best of luck with your move and hope you are feeling better:)

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    1. Thank you for visiting, Green Living! The kitchen was a huge project, but I just couldn’t live with the pink cabinets! My husband actually picked out the deck color. He has a good eye for color, as his mom is a decorator, and his sister is an artist. (She did my book cover.) Also. I am feeling better, thank you for your kind words.


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