Last weeks journey – part 2


So off we go into the Blizzard, in our boring white rental car.

The trip was estimated, by our good friend Mapquest, to take 3 hours and 15 minutes. Our friend Mapquest does not account for bathroom breaks, icy road conditions, construction, or stopping to get coffee because the road has become a blur.

The road signs tried to help us:


And this road sign had problems of its own:



Well, we pushed on and finally made it to the hotel.


We stopped and got our welcome packet. I made note of the cookie platter in the lobby, but resisted, knowing I had good things likes apples with me. We got situated into our room. Found some dinner. Went to sleep.

Well the next day we were scheduled for a tour of the city, but since there was a blizzard, the Mayor had prohibited all traffic that was not necessary to stay out of the city.

So, we were given a free van ride to the Mall.

The mall was not open for the first hour we were there. Look, but don’t buy. Well, it’s a good way to save money anyway!

Then I met this guy:



The real highlight of the Mall trip was a trip to the Bose store. The salesman took us into a Theater Room and played us a ten-minute video on the latest and greatest TV with surround sound. Although all the speakers are built right into the TV in the front of the room, the sounds seemed to be coming from around us, over us, under us. It was some impressive technology. I asked the guy how much it was: $5995. (I had guesstimated in my head $6000 so I was pretty close, eh?) I filled out the form to WIN a TV. If I had $6000 laying around doing nothing, I would buy a used car!

After spending the rest of the day at the “office” where they told us how great it would be to move to the area, we were told to come down to the hotel Dinner room at Five-ish. Silly me, I assumed they were going to feed us.

They opened the bar at 5, but I’m not a drinker, so I drank several bottles of water. Waitresses came around with snacks, and I had a few and they were yuck.

I waited and waited. About 6 pm I had all I could take, and ran into the lobby and shoved 4 cookies into my face. (Please don’t report me to Weight Watchers!)

Finally dinner arrived. We scarfed it down.

After we were as full as could be, one of the Facilitators came by, and gave us all a fruit cup. Seriously? Where was this at Five-ish when I was starving?

Meanwhile, a couple who was with us was not able to get into their room. It seems that the battery inside the door lock had gone dead. The Maintenance Staff  had to take the door off the hinges to go in and get their stuff, and move them to another room. I had never heard of this before, but it does answer the question: What happens if you are in a hotel and the power goes out. Answer: the locks are on batteries and so you should be able to get into your room. Unless the battery is dead.


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