I can’t find the floor!

462This is an old saying of mine; for those times when life is so insane, that I feel that I am standing on quicksand:

“I can’t find the floor!”

We are re-painting the inside of the house. We are hoping to put the house on the market soon. We are downsizing–but we might move to a different state, or we might stay here. We don’t know.

The house is cluttered with furniture out of place, dog hair (!), plastic to protect the floors, paint spots that hit the floors anyway, papers that need to be shredded, and papers that have been shredded,  boxes of packed items, bags of old clothes to be donated, shoes, boots, sandals and slippers.

My dog, Bailey, reminds us when it’s time to walk him, and time to feed him. Good thing, because I might forget!

I don’t dare put the news on TV. Another shooting, another bombing, another plot.

Where is the floor?!

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