I talk, I don’t TWEET

Flipped (Photo credit: yum9me)

I have started to turn into my grandfather. Let me explain. My grandfather was born in 1903. There was a certain way of life that people experienced in those days. During his lifetime, radio and television entered the home. Cars became attainable for the middle class, and then became a necessity for those who lived in the suburbs or “country.” He moved along with technology during his life time, updating his car, his radio and even bought a color TV.

But he drew the line at air conditioning. He refused to accept it. It could be 100 degrees in the shade, but he would sit there in his long-sleeve shirt and sweater, and simply run the fan.

My poor mother, who became his chauffeur in the latter part of his life, drove him around town with the windows down, and her hairstyle blown in the wind.

I didn’t understand what the big deal was. I was a computer programmer for the majority of my career days. I used to love all the new gadgets.

But I’m done.

My car still has roll-down windows. I don’t want a new car. What if I am forced off the road by a mysterious black SUV, my car forced into the river, and I am stuck underwater, and my electric windows won’t go down, and I can’t find anything to break the window with.  (Yes, I watch too much TV.)

I have an old flip phone. I don’t have the internet on my phone, nor Facebook or email access.

And I don’t TWEET.

The idea of sending every waking thought, good or bad, into the social atmosphere is something that I should not do. I don’t think sharing every bad thought with my “followers” would be a good use of my time while I type it, or of their time as they read it.

If I have something to say, I will say it….or write it.  If it’s really crazy, it will go into my notebook, and not see the light of day. Or the light of someone’s phone.

I was told once by a former boss, before going into a meeting, “No sudden outbursts.” I have been known to voice my opinion, albeit non-popular, when the mood strikes.

I fear that if I tweet my opinion too often, it will hurt the Ozone Layer, disturb the birdies in the trees, and generally cause havoc with electricity, and weather patterns in the earth.

I will stick to old fashioned verbal, and more often– written communication. But not in the form of a TWEET.

6 thoughts on “I talk, I don’t TWEET

  1. GREAT article, and I’ve accused myself of turning into my grandfather concerning all this techno-thingamajiggy stuff, too. I write…I blog…I don’t have a cell. All the other stuff (twitter, facebook, and google+) is simply promotion. Use it as such, and it’s fine. Tie yourself to it and you become one of the mindless people who tweet their every burp.


      1. I saw the notification. Did you read my article on social media? It highlighted the absurdities I see (okay…a little parody of them). This post of yours was right there with me!


    1. LOL. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I remember talking on the phone for HOURS as a teenager. Now teenagers sit across from each other and text…what ever happened to conversation?!


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