Basking in the afterglow of being Freshly Pressed

IMG_2199Wow. After two years, my humble blog was picked for Freshly Pressed. I think the photo had something to do with it. Who doesn’t love Stan and Ollie, the Fat and Skinny friends?

Which reminds me of this silly poem my father told us:

Fat and Skinny had a race,
Up and down the pillow case.
Fat fell down and broke his face,
And Skinny won the race.
But Fat said it wasn’t fair,
‘Cuz Skinny lost his underwear!

I am so warmed by the comments that people left. So many people suffer in silence with the weight-gain affliction. Of course a few ‘experts’ stopped by, and I know they mean well, but at least they weren’t rude.

Let me share a few more “weight loss effort experiences.” Some of you may have tried these also?

1. I watched an episode of some variety of “Watch the Fat Person get their butt kicked by a professional and lose weight.” I was stoked. (I was successfully doing Weight Watchers, and had lost 35 pounds.) The very next day, I decided to kick my workout up a notch. I put the gym bike setting on the next level. I pulled a tendon in my foot. I was in agony for MONTHS. I could barely walk. I went to the foot doctor for pain creme, and finally a “boot” which holds the whole foot and ankle stable. It took well over a year for the pain to subside enough to get back to my walking routine again.

2. The one where you ingest the HCG hormone, from pregnant women, and follow an exacting diet. Since it’s been (allegedly) scientifically proven that women can drop weight during pregnancy on a starvation diet, I figured I would give it a go. (I should first mention that during my one and only pregnancy I was nauseous 24/7 for SIX MONTHS. I was also so depressed that they had to put me on medication.) Well, I tried the HCG hormone diet, and after 2 weeks of being STARVED, and being so depressed, I gave up on that one too. (Notice there is no name of company so I can’t be sued. 😉 ) A friend of mine was successful on this one, and lost over 100 pounds. She now has her own business.

3. Writing Down Your Feelings Before You Eat. HA! What a joke. First of all, you have to know what FEELINGS ARE. During my childhood, my feelings were: Numb, Depressed, and Terrified. So it’s been several decades of trying to determine WHAT I feel. Am I sad, mad, tired, depressed, happy–what the heck is happy? The first time I felt happy (medication induced) I was terrified because I had never felt it before! So stick that in your Phd Degree.

4. Low Carb/Good Carb/No Sugar. I did have some success with this. There is an initial “withdrawal” period when coming off of sugar–if you are one of us that is actually “addicted.” Again, there is alleged Scientific Evidence that shows that sugar is harder to withdraw from than heroin. It has to do with the Serotonin in our brains. But I’m sure you already know that! The problem with this is, if you get to the point where you are OFF the sugar, it can sneak back into your life in the form of the most evil product HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. (That’s another blog in itself.) HFCS hides in salad dressings, soups, breads and canned soups. So anything except the most controlled environment makes it very difficult to keep this going.

Well those come to mind right away, and I will try to think of some others.

It is nice meeting all of you who made a comment, and to those who are “following” me…Welcome to my world!

Comments, questions, concerns, queries, quips?

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